5 Steps to Be a Great University Student

I’m still in 1st semester, exactly in 1st week of my College days. I am not a great university student anyway…^^ But like U, I also wanna be like that. Many people here, in my campus, inspired me. many books also talk about this. maybe we can share some opinion…and this is what I can say after some reading, observation, and a little thinking. U also can give ur idea…we can learn together!


So many things we can do in our campus. IT’S UNLIMITED. Not only study. The plus value of university that we can’t get in high school is a chance to join much more organization and activity. We can join many UKM’s, be a member of BEM or BPM, have an own club or community, it’s just more freedom, Guyz! coz we know that we have more flexible schedule in College than in hi-school, so it’s getting free for us to do many activities. be an active student! and be sure, TAKE EVERY CHANCE. u never know how precious some chance will be until u lost it. i experienced it just some weeks ago. a little disappointed of course. i remembered what my senior said after that… “Just try every chance, even if u failed, u have gone a step forward.” So, keep tryin’ friends!!! Don’t be shy or afraid to try something…BE DARE AND FACE EVERY CHALLENGE IN FRONT OF U! GET UP AND MOVE UR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keep fightin’ with ur goal. Once u set ur goal, then don’t stop working until u reach it. Maybe u’ll face some ‘interruption’ in d’middle that decrease ur motivation…but whatever happens, u have to keep movin’! if u wanna reach IPK 4.0 for example, then keep diligent in ur study. sometimes we only have strong motivation in d’beginning, less in d’middle, and lost in d’end…hehehe. if it happened, we must remind ourselves about the goal, about d’things we dream. then go back and achieve it!!!


after college we’re going to work. maybe build a business. we need social network, of course. we can find it here, exactly in our campus. look for as many friends as u can. in ur class, ur study program, ur faculty, other faculties, all d’students in ur university. ur senior, ur junior, ur lecturers, ur university staffs, make friend with everybody coz they’ll be ur social network in d’future. u can ask for their help if u need some job, or partner for business, or just information about anything. maybe not everybody can become friendly, but at least keep ur smile and be good with everybody, it’s d’first step to get closer.


Being an university student means that we have been a mature person. we must have our own personality, be ourselves. we can’t do like what we usually do in hi-school; following friends, being influenced negatively, can’t make our own decisions…it’s a kind of ‘childish’ things. we have to be independent. we take our own way and be responsible of it. this is the way to be mature… u know in d’future we’ll be a leader. start to make our own decision!


We are no more live inside of d’building, bordered by some high fences of d’campus. we have to see what happen around us, pay more attention to our environment. start being sensitive to any social issues, start to care about what newspapers say today, start build relation with d’world where u exactly live now.
coz just a few years later, d’power is in our hand. d’world’s fate is completely depend to us!

woaaa…kind of motivate my own self, hahaha. I hope we all can be a great university students… coz d’more great students we have, d’brighter Indonesian future will be. KEEP FIGHTIN’!!!

5 Komentar

  1. siiiiip deh!

  2. Wow…

    what a great preparation…

    i wanna be a GREAT UNIVERSITY STUDENT in next 2009…
    maybe in my interest programme study: indonesia university of education, japanese language education study…

  3. so great………..!!!!! it is a good idea….

  4. okehh de.. 😉

  5. Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog
    post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

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